About Us

Saur Energy – International, an  offering of Green Pursuits Private Limited  is focused on making news and latest developments in the solar industry, and the broader renewables sector, accessible for all.
With a strong online presence and a print magazine, we are focused on ensuring a solid mix of news, opinions, research, technical articles, jobs and everything else that an industry person, or even a layman interested in the sector would need. Today, industry-leaders, decision-makers and public bodies have appreciated the work done by brand Saur Energy, making us a key partner at every industry meet of note, besides a valuable marketing partner for key players. 

Our signature line’ Welcome the World of Solar’  speaks about our optimism for the industry, and the immense potential it has to make the world a lot more sustainable, and contribute to clean energy reaching every human on earth.

Bringing it all together is our dedicated editorial and content team, a blend of youthful energy and older experience of the founders, who together have over 3 decades of B2B experience worldwide.

At Saur Energy International, we take our international tag seriously, with a presence across leading global events, and content that appeals to thousands of readers across the world. 


Leadership Team


Prateek KapoorPrateek Kapoor

Prateek Kapoor, Director –  An M.Com with a strong interest in the media industry, Prateek has been a founding member of Saur Energy International.

Prateek has had extensive experience in the media industry, especially digital media, where he has worked with leading programmatic as well as B2B brands in business related roles. His last role before he started Saur Energy was as General Manager, Business development at Yourstory.  He has extensive experience with the agency ecosystem as well as direct sales in India. At Saur Energy, Prateek heads business development, with revenue responsibility for the group as a whole.

Prateek is a believer in the power of  renewables to make a huge positive impact on our economy, and never lets anyone forget that!


prasannaPrasanna Singh

Prasanna Singh, Director – An MBA from Delhi University, Prasanna joined Saur Energy to get back to his first love, content. He has led and been a part of some of the most well known business brands in the media space, be it afaqs! where he was the COO (2007-2015), Yourstory (National head-Revenues) or other key startups he advised and mentored.

Prasanna has also advised a diverse set of clients, industry bodies and state governments on their digital initiatives.  At Saur Energy, he is responsible for all  content and editorial production.

Prasanna has been a passionate believer in sustainability and conservation, having been a part of some massive environment focused campaigns with his clients in his previous roles too. From tree plantation to building awareness around water conservation, he has been through it all.