Solar Energy Market Research News

CCPI Report: “Background and Methodology”

A study entitled “Background and Methodology” has been released by CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index). Understanding national and international climate policy is challenging since there are so many nations that need to be considered, and each has different baseline stances and interests. Germanwatch created the Climate Change Performance Index to encourage efforts toward an effective […]

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CCPI Report: “Monitoring Climate Mitigation Efforts of 59 Countries plus the EU”

A study entitled “Monitoring Climate Mitigation Efforts of 59 Countries plus the EU” has been released by CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index). The invasion of Ukraine by Russia serves as a reminder of how highly dependent most nations still are on fossil fuels. The ability of nations to operate and provide for their inhabitants with […]

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AMI Report: The Road to Net Zero in Latin America

A study entitled “The Road to Net Zero in Latin America” has been released by American Market Intelligence (AMI). Weaning the world off dirty fossil fuels, a.k.a., the road to net zero emissions, is perhaps the most challenging task our society has ever faced. By 2030, it will require more than US$2 trillion in annual […]

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IEA Report: Advancing Decarbonisation Through Clean Electricity Procurement

A study entitled “Advancing Decarbonisation through Clean Electricity Procurement” has been released by the IEA (International Energy Agency). In recent years, a lot more businesses have made commitments to use clean energy, and many of them have set specific targets to satisfy all or part of their electrical needs with clean energy. These objectives may […]

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Accounting Loopholes in Pre-2020 Agreements Unaddressed Under Paris Agreement: CEEW Report

A study titled “Strengthening Climate Accountability” has been released by the CEEW (Council on Energy, Environment and Water). Accountability is crucial for global governance and climate action. The issue brief examines the Paris Agreement’s current transparency and compliance mechanisms. It also highlights the difficulties member nations face in claiming ownership of the aims and duties […]

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IEA Report: Global Hydrogen Review 2022

A study titled “Global Hydrogen Review 2022” has been released by the IEA (International Energy Agency). The International Energy Agency publishes the Global Hydrogen Review every year, which examines global hydrogen supply and demand as well as advancements in crucial areas such as infrastructure development, commerce, policy, legislation, investments, and innovation. The paper, which is […]

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IISD Report: India’s State Owned Energy Enterprises, 2020–2050

A study titled “India’s State Owned Energy Enterprises, 2020-2050” was released by the IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development). India has established itself as one of the leading growing economies in support of climate action. It has demonstrated leadership in the expansion of renewable energy, setting a goal to install 500 GW of non-fossil electricity […]

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CEA Report: PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)

CEA (The Clean Energy Association) has published a research report entitled “PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)”. Recent months have seen significant changes in the solar sector as a result of supply constraints, increased costs, and logistical difficulties as well as rising energy demand and geopolitical tensions. The PV Price Forecasting Report is a […]

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