NTPC Tenders For 4MW Ground-mounted Solar Plus BESS System at NETRA

As announced in our earlier article, NTPC is looking to further strengthen its footprint in the green and clean fuel sector. The company has issued a tender for the installation of a 4 MW ground-mounted solar project with a 1 MW/1 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) and induction-based cooking system at its NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance (NETRA) facility in Greater Noida.

The integrated power generating company under the Ministry of Power (MoP), NTPC has issued the tender for all the scope of works including, design, engineering, fabrication, procurement, packing, supply, transportation, construction, erection, and commissioning of the project along with supply, installation, and commissioning of an induction-based cooking system at NETRA. Allowing 365 days as the period of work. 

There is no pre-bid meeting has been scheduled and the last to submit the bids is July 21, 2021. While the bid opening is scheduled for July 23, 2021. 

To find themselves eligible, the bidders must have designed, supplied, erected, and commissioned grid-mounted solar projects of a minimum capacity of 3.2 MW at any single location. The bidder should also have installed a grid-connected BEES of a minimum capacity of 500 kW at any single location. 

Additionally, the bidder’s average annual turnover should be at least Rs. 16.25 crores in the last three financial years as of the bid opening date. The net worth of the bidder on the last day of the preceding financial year should not be less than 100 percent of the paid-up share capital.

If any joint ventured company is bidding, each of the holders must fulfill the minimum criteria listed for an individual bidder for the component of the contract they are designated to perform. If fails, the bid from the joint venture will be rejected. A company can be a partner in only one joint venture, and the bids submitted by joint ventures, including the same firm as a partner will also be rejected.

The successful bidder is expected to pay performance security for 10 percent of the contract value for all contracts within 28 days from receiving the notification of award. If the developer/supplier fails to complete all the facilities within the specified time, liquidated damages are calculated at the rate of RS. 116,100 for each day of delay will be deducted. The amount of liquidated damage will be subject to a maximum of 5 percent of the total contract price.

NETRA  focuses on Efficiency Improvement & Cost Reduction; New & Renewable Energy; Climate Change & Environmental protection which includes water conservation, Ash utilization, carbon capture, and utilization & Waste Management. NETRA also provides Advanced Scientific Services to its stations and other utilities in the area Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), Metallurgy & Failure analysis, Oil/water chemistry, Environment, Electrical, Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD), etc. for efficient and reliable performances.

Recently, NTPC has issued a global Expression of Interest (EOI) tender to set up two Hydrogen fuel cell-based pilot projects in its premises only. One is a standalone Fuel-Cell based backup power system and the other is a standalone fuel-cell-based microgrid system with hydrogen production using an electrolyzer at NTPC premises.

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