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Influence of Azimuth and Tilt on Yield of PV System

Background The tilt and azimuth of a solar panel have a great influence on the energy yield of the overall system. The same panel, at the same installation site, can have different azimuth or tilt. This is a topic we are often asked about so in this Solis seminar, we explore the subject further. About […]

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Toledo Solar Announces Investment for Manufacturing Expansion in USA

The US-based solar panel and solar glass manufacturer Toledo Solar has announced the company’s domestic manufacturing expansion plans. Toledo said that enhancing manufacturing capacity is part of its strategic initiative to expand the Perrysburg, Ohio, manufacturing facility to reach 2.8 GW of manufacturing capacity by 2027.This is due to surging demand for solar products and […]

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Leading Solar Solutions Supplier Longi Reveals 66-Cell Solar Module for Europe

Global solar energy equipment manufacturer LONGi has announced that it has released a new half-cut cell module version of its previous HiMO5 module. The new cell is designed for the European market specifically. LONGi is also a member of the Solar Module Super League (SMSL). LONGi reveals that it has 66 solar cells in the […]

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US Solar Firms Form Consortium To Spend $6 Billion To Support Domestic Industry, Supply Chain

A number of solar power project developers in the USA have joined hands to spend approximately $6 billion for the supply chain expansion of solar power panels. The AES Corporation, Clearway Energy Group, Cypress Creek Renewables and D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI), have announced the formation of the ‘US Solar Buyer Consortium’ to supplement the […]

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Four Solar Power Projects Worth 6.5 MW Floating Up in Chandigarh Soon

Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science and Technology Promotion (CREST) will develop four solar power projects totaling 6.5 MW capacity in different locations of Chandigarh. The cost of this solar expansion will be Rs 43 crore. As far as the projects are concerned, two will be first of their kind. These solar power projects will be […]

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Drones, Robots, Hexacopter: Novel Technologies to Clean Solar Panels

One of the abiding trends in renewable energies is the push to deliver more for less. That means, when it comes to solar for instance, all supporting services and products like solar cleaning, or even trackers, need to track the drop in costs or increasing efficiencies of panels. Cleaning of panels, a key part of […]

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Saudi Researchers harvest water near solar panels to improve efficiency

Researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia have come up with a novel technology where a solar panel is fitted with an additional system which can harvest water without consuming power from the panels. In the three months long trials, the system used day and night temperature differences and […]

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Saudi Arabia’s Bin Omairah to Up Solar Panel Exports to Europe, Africa

Saudi Arabia’s Bin Omairah Holding has planned to increase the export of its solar panels to capitalise on the expanding markets of Europe and Africa. The exports will be done from the company’s factory operational in the Tabuk region. It has also been learnt that the company has plans to open another plant for solar panels […]

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